Colour, on a cloudy day

I’m not a runner but I love the movement in this piece.

While not as widely cited as Queen Street’s Graffiti Alley, there’s a colourful strip of of artwork running parallel to Ossington from Queen to Humbert Street.

After taking these snaps with my LG3 phone, I later looked to see what references there were to it, and learned this artwork was part of a project to clean-up the laneway in 2012. From the looks of it, it’s been well preserved, since most have been spared from other tagging.

All photos by Door Bell blog.

Unfortunately this one has been tagged, but I loved the modern look and pop-art colours.
We made wine here twice… A batch yields about 30 bottles at $3 per bottle. I think this mural is a great way to mark a business for deliveries etc.
I love how the eyes appear in the screens above.

The black, white, and green “nesting dolls” are one of my favourites and there’s a larger example of them further north of Foxley Avenue (we even had some of our wedding photos taken against them as a backdrop).

I call these guys the “nesting dolls”. This larger example is north of Foxely Avenue, if you travel north from Foxely Place laneway, just west of Ossington.

The examples north of Foxely Avenue also span around the Ontario Bread Co. building, which is reportedly slated for for renovation and reuse by the arts non-profit Artscape… But will the beaver we often walk by, go? I hope not.

I feel inspired to do a graffiti tour of Toronto next summer and learn more about the artists behind these works. Have you been? Any tour suggestions?


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