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Clothes pile
The pile method | Photo Door Belle blog

Reading blogger Beth’s post, Notes on Phone, reminded me just how much at I use my phone to capture everyday thoughts, work meetings and snapshots of moments.

It also reminded me that several weeks ago, I made a list in my Evernote app, of all the projects (and purchases) I wanted to complete during my 2-week winter/holiday break, starting in 5 more business days.

While I do plan to squeeze in plenty of naps, I always use this extra time off for home-based projects. Mostly organizational.

I’ve been inspired lately by bloggers who write about minimalism. Whether it’s pairing down your wardrobe ( or meeting personal finance goals (Blonde on a Budget), I am working towards living with less. In the past year, I’ve reduced the furniture in our bedroom to only a bed and dresser, made three rounds of household and clothing donations to the Diabetes Clothes Line, and I’ll try to make more trades on Bunz this break, too.

While I pride myself on a clean and tidy home, sometimes it just doesn’t get done and everything gets dropped on the dining room table, and my wardrobe resembles the “pile method” some weeks.

So. Here’s my Evernote list to remind myself what I need to get through this winter break.

  • Sort photos into one (teal) storage box
  • Photo albums?
  • Buy hardshell case & folders for paperwork
  • Organize paperwork
  • Sort jewelry
  • Spice shelf
  • Pantry; mason jars
  • Re-org drawers
  • Re-org books
  • Clean cupboard doors; add felt stoppers
  • Felt stoppers to dining room chairs; vinyl kit?
  • Chalk paint small island
  • Chalk paint bed frame?
  • Oil treat dining room table
  • Drapes and curtain rods for living room
  • Fix chair; new cushions
  • Frame art (2) — We have two modern works from a friend/artist we need to frame and hang. 
  • Frame bike print — We bought a bicycle print at the Junction flea two years ago, but its remained in my closet since!
  • Marimekko shower curtain
  • Marimekko twin sets (2)
  • IKEA comforters
  • Marimekko towels (2)

I think the framing and purchases will remain last on my list as it’s not a priority right now with gift-giving time, but nice to dream of.

Do you have any home organization goals?


One thought on “The Home List

  1. Organizing closets is my secret favourite thing to do. You’re going to feel amazing crossing all this stuff off your list. But you should also meet me for a drink! (Thanks for the link!)


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