door bells three two and oneAbout Door Belle
This blog is a space for ideas about the home (without wanting to sound like an IKEA ad)… From thoughts on entertaining to complaints about how the dishwasher is loaded, and other quibbles about married life. It’s also about our neighbours and the faces behind the businesses that make our street, Ossington Avenue (Toronto, ON), a community.

About the writer
I’ve lived on Ossington Avenue for 7 years. “Little Portugal” or “The Strip” (as it’s been called; can we stop calling it that?) is evolving (even more so from its shades a decade ago, when I nervous waiting for the 63 bus, alone).

I spend a lot of time on the street (or “The Strip” if you still prefer that) and surrounding area, biking, walking, exploring, drinking coffee, and drinking drinks. My 9-5 desk job is in Higher Ed communications. This is my personal experiment.

Website policy
Please contact me (doorbelleblog at gmail dot com) for the use of any content and appropriate attribution. Links back most appreciated. Pictures are my own unless otherwise cited. Homepage banner photo and Door Belle image are copyright, by the talented Tara McMullen Photography.

Opinions, reviews and Q&As are of my own biased selection… If you’re a business in the Ossington area and would like to be profiled, please contact me, and we’ll talk! I reserve the right to disclose any profile or marketing requests.

Comments are wanted and welcome. But do play nice, readers and friends.


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